Small Companies in Vietnam

A view from within

– Fred van den Bosch –

The entire proceeds will be spent on reading books and study books for children living in and around the countryside near Nha Trang, Vietnam.

Small companies in Vietnam
A view from within

An e-book with beautiful photos and descriptions, based on stories from the owners themselves. Together they provide a clear picture of the daily activities of small companies in Vietnam.

The e-book consists of more than 300 pages that show how people often make beautiful products in a smart way.

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Small Companies in Vietnam
A view from within

The project


The main problem in rural Vietnam is that there is virtually no work. Most grow rice. However, there are only a few periods of the year in which harvesting can take place, so people are looking for an extra income and have hardly any choice.

Some go to work in a factory nearby to peel shrimp. Others have their own business, usually at home, sometimes elsewhere, for example at a market. Almost always on a small scale: only the owner and sometimes a single helper. Some work on the land or do some more specific work. It is often easier to combine various activities in this way. The disadvantage is that earn virtually nothing. 

For my hobby as a photographer, I visited small businesses in the countryside and asked if I could portray their daily activities. Many owners reacted enthusiastically and gladly shared their story, which resulted in an e-book “Small businesses in Vietnam – A view from within.

The book

This book gives a good impression of life and especially working here in the Vietnamese countryside. In particular:
  • physically hard work
  • the very long days that some make
  • the often meager earnings
  • amount of work that children must perform in addition to their normal school activities.
For this e-book, made in-house, all chapters have been carefully checked, also by others. Where necessary, texts have been adjusted and / or replacement photos have been made and new photos have been added. In addition, a lot of care has been given to the layout. 

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About the author

Fred van den Bosch

How I started

I have been taking pictures since I was 10 years old. Occasionally I was allowed to take a photo with my father’s camera. My very first self-made photo is still in my photo album.

 After that I had a range of cameras, starting with an Ilford Sportsman, via e.g. a Konica to a Minolta 7000i. Then the digital age came, with a series of different digital cameras.

Due to a very busy job, photography has been on the back burner for quite a long time. On vacations, I still made a lot of slides and later digital recordings, but otherwise the camera barely came out of the bag.

Photographing in Vietnam

Since the beginning of 2011 I have been living in Vietnam with my wife Minh, somewhere in the middle of nowhere near Nha Trang. Mid 2016 it started to itch again. I have bought a whole new photographic equipment (including a Nikon D7200) and I have started to delve even more into photography. Photography is a hobby of mine. I don’t have to live from it. It only takes a lot of time: time for the shoots, post-processing of the photos and in this case compiling the e-book. Time I spent on this project with great pleasure.


Because I have a number of goals in mind, I am asking a modest amount for this e-book. The proceeds from this e-book will in any case be spent on the following goals:

– Photo albums for the owners

The owners of the small companies who have worked on the e-book have received the photos from me as they appear in the book. I want to surprise these people with some extra photos of their own company. 

– Library for children from the area

Minh teaches English to children from the area on weekends. She does this as a volunteer. She has set up a small library for her students and possibly other children from the neighborhood. Thanks in part to donations from a few girlfriends, it now consists of around 300 books and is a great success. Almost all Minh’s students dive into the library at the end of the lesson to find new books. Expansion with new books will be highly appreciated by the students.

– Study books for students

Sometimes Minh buys other study books for her students. They, for example, used the new English textbooks before they were used in school.

Small companies in Vietnam
A view from within

Small companies in Vietnam

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