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Success Stories

Testimonial about Shiela van den Bosch
Kartini faber

Because of the Business VIP Day with Shiela my Visionboard Workshop went completely sold out

Before I’ve worked with Shiela, I really didn’t have a clear idea about how to get my workshop fully booked. As I worked with Shiela the year before, from the first coaching session on she helped me give myself the permission to be and to do what I am passioned about. I overcome my limited beliefs through her coaching and I felt so ready to give my first workshop.

On the Business VIP DAY I’ve learned how to connect with my ideal clients in a way that feels good and works for me. We looked at my branding, the copy for my salespage and mapped out an actionable strategy. Shiela tunes in on who you are and supports you to stay true to yourself every step of your way. That’s what I really value about her coaching.

My confidence has risen, my visibility has grown and my mindset has changed. I am so thankful for the 1:1 coaching sessions and the Business VIP Day with Shiela.

Testimonial about Shiela van den Bosch

I’ve experienced Shiela as a coach who cares and is willing to go the extra mile for her clients to achieve their goals.

I’ve always had that big dream to start my own business. I had lots of ideas, but didn’t know how to get them into action, until I worked with Shiela. She taugth me to take small steps every day and guided me to the whole proces of setting up a successful business. I’ve worked twice with Shiela over the last 2 years. The value of her coaching repeatedly took me to my new next levels. I’ve got so much clarity, I feel so much more confident, I can express myself much better and I have a better work-life balance now. If you are seriously about your dream business and life, then Shiela is your coach.

Shiela’s coaching has impacted me on many levels. I have gained huge self confidence, self belief and selfworth.

Not that long ago, I felt really stucked. I am a new coach starting my online business and did not know what do next at all. After my first Coaching Session with Shiela I’ve gained clarity about my vision which gave me the focus I needed to launch my first online program. Shiela’s coaching has impacted me on many levels. I have gained huge self confidence, self belief and selfworth. Besides she mentored me trough every step I had to make to the launch my online program successfully.  


Shiela helped me create clear goals and identify exactly what steps I need to take to achieve them.

Shiela is a professional Business Mentor and knows exactly what she is talking about. She tunes in on who you are and supports you to stay true to your who you are. Shiela has an energy of enthusiasm that is contagious which made me take action steps right away. She is very passioned about helping you to your next level. Since working with Shiela, I now have a lot more direction in my business.

Annemieke Adelmund

Coaching with Shiela is really a game changer as she combines business teaching, success coaching and the energy work.

As a therapist I got stuck in my own circle with the business side of my practice. Shiela has the gift to coach you in a way that I got clear about my next steps every session we had throughout the time we’ve worked together. She also’s helped me with the actions themselves, so that I could actually take them. We’ve structured my business processes and I now have an overview and a planning, which I really needed and couldn’t do on my own as I can be very chaotic. I’ve learned the ongoing process of paying attention to my relationship with money and I now know exactly what energy work suits me to do daily, so I can give the best version of myself in everything I do. I am so thankful Shiela, for having all the clarity I need to run a successful business and create the life I craved for so long. I can now work with focus from a place of inner peace.

Juma Mrimbi

My company has gone through great changes since I've worked with Shiela.

I have been privileged to get the support and coaching from Shiela to promote, market and drive sales for my company. She is a very dedicated success coach and business mentor and has great ideas to connect with clients. Shiela really cares about your results. She wants you to succeed and she gives you the drive to go beyond you think is possible. I learned a lot from her and my company has gone through great changes because of her input. Any business owner requiring a Success Coach should definitely seek her services.

Coaching experience with Shiela van den Bosch

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